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My enthusiasm in reading about metablogging is obviously biased by the fact that I've always loved writing (and drawing) since I was a kid and I kept doing it, they are a big part of how I communicate but...that's not the case for most other people I've worked and continue working with.

It happens more dramatically with drawing, but my take is that even for writing there is, at some point, a breaking point where most people quit writing, or quit writing properly and functionally, as much as they quit drawing earlier in life.

Good writing is the foundation or proper asynchronous and distributed work but most companies I work with are on the opposite side of the spectrum: they don't even read or reply to emails because they are always in meetings. Metablogging would be science fiction for them!

I wish there was an easy way to break the vicious cycle of over-reliance on synchronous meetings, but I'm afraid I would have to start by teaching people how to write (again)...

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