This is a great summary, thanks for sharing. I've been silently lurking around the Bento Society for a few months now and generally looking into mapping tools for different purposes.

I didn't know the concept of "normal science" which led me to the "post-normal science" concept and now I'm wondering how these two concepts interplay with each other: I see normal science a process sort of preceding post-normal science, am I right?

Mapping-wise I think that Wardley mapping could be a great complement for Bento mapping: while Bentos are great for value-based explorations Wardley maps are great for landscape and strategy assessment of complex systems (see above: Bentos as maps for normal science, while Wardey maps are for post-normal science?).

Aside on Y2K: believe it or not, just yesterday I was reading the issue #4 of Paper Girls comic book, which is set on the New Year's Eve between 1999 and 2000 (I was 16 at the time so I partially remember the hysteria).

I thought "everything that we feared then it's actually happening now" and I get the irony of avoiding the tech bug but not the biological one.

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Hi Yancey. Enjoyed "This Could Be Our Future." Wrote a short post a while ago (https://ianvanagas.com/2020/05/05/make-values-legible/) about why I thought Bentoism was valuable: it makes our values legible. I understood your concepts much better through that framing. Curious what your thoughts are on it.

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