I’m with this all the way up to the blockchain / “meta” part. Just seems so unnecessary. Make stuff in limited editions, build a website, build an audience, sell independently, repeat. Put printed access codes in the package for digital content.

Monopolistic platforms and systems of distribution are broken but there’s nothing new about that. Why do we need yet another layer of tech

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Super interesting read. I am not in the music/movie business but I do listen & watch. Also interesting to think about how the sentiment “The old shit doesn’t work anymore.” applies to other areas.

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hi, i'm new to your work referred by a friend, only reading this post so far, please forgive if you've commented on this already. if we identify (at least) two big concerns of artists putting forth work as: making some $ b/c it's needed in capitalism, and making a social legacy so audiences will respect that we created x y z works, is use of blockchain now proposed b/c audiences will be able to trust that a human artist/ensemble innovated a work instead of authoring by AI?

will there remain ways to keep AI-powered programs from creating blockchained artworks, such as via Metalabel?

can there be more explaining of comment on enabling more access to earnings outside of monopolistic platforms, via iterating record on a blockchain? i got active researching blockchain currencies and other uses in 2018, concluded the cons outweighed pros, but haven't studied recent field developments.

can blockchain tech now offer the minimized environmental impact needed that creation work in all fields must also operate with, to stop accelerating ecology-collapsing impacts? i know there are several currency designs with much smaller energy footprints than Bitcoin for example, but the blockchain paradigm still entails significant resource use.

current digital streaming platforms do too; i'm looking for more engaged conversations about supporting artists' creative labors by socially crediting them, supporting livelihoods and honoring their contributions with material support (i see need to transition from reliance on monetized platforms and to grow universal basic income allocations), and to do all this while putting serious effort into making industry outputs at all scales, using whatever new and old tech/practices, climate restorative. if Metalabel designs can lead in that way, tell us more!

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Top read. Wasn't aware of those three primary arguments. Agree that none cut it (and I consult to three metaverse companies). I am bullish on the ethos of metalabels and collaborative creation with demonstrable benefits for talented people and their communities.

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